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the mayor of detroit says the city's finances are out of his control. i had to turn just now from the businesses that we've heard from him earlier this year to get this is the chance to strike after we heard from a night this summer when he filed for bankruptcy protection. and we're now learning that it has been granted and a us federal judge has declared that detroit is eligible for bankruptcy protection and it's now the largest city in the u s history to go bankrupt. the judge ruled on tuesday that the city is able to provide services and pay its bills. the ruling paves the way for detroit to have a fresh start under court supervision. the child in july filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors with debts of eighteen billion dollars. city leaders say they'll drop a corp back rehabilitation plan by the end of this month they're expected to negotiate with creditors to cut loan repayments and medical spending for a retired city workers. and time for check on them i think the us stock prices continue to fall on tuesday investors worried about weak consumer spending the holiday
to allow square and jonas by the nation's largest city. bail for the flies in front of the scratching among the people of god's messages expressing thanks to the on the up up neatly kept on praising his achievements more times from different ethnic groups formed long lines to sign the book of condolence the debate. what is that pride. it's these people so disconnected want tod a small memorial site is called mum to allow him to stay honest. they'll be below the state funeral that somebody in the eastern village elder who knew what happened to walk through the six man suspected of stealing a truck carrying a load of radioactive material in mexico are in hospital for possible radiation exposure a group of gunmen hijacked a truck outside mexico city on monday. he was carrying include holds sixty a radioactive substance used for medical applications police later found the radioactive substance about sixty km away the sleeves had removed the radioactive material from its protective case. health officials say six men aged between sixteen and thirty eight this to the hospital between light dusting
of people gathered from early saturday morning in mandela square in johannesburg, the nation's largest city. they offered flowers in front of a statue of mandela. people attached messages, expressing thanks to the anti apartheid leader, and praising his achievements. mourners from different ethnic groups formed long lines to sign the book of condolence. >> thankful that he's gone, but also celebrating his life, celebrating what he has done for us as his people. so just want to thank him. >> the country's leaders plan to hold a national memorial service for mandela on tuesday in johannesburg. there will be a state funeral next sunday in the eastern village of cue knew, where mandela grew up. >>> six men suspected of stealing a truck carrying a load of radioactive material in mexico are in hospital for possible radiation exposure. a group of gunmen hijacked a truck outside mexico city on monday. it was carrying a cobalt 60, a radioactive substance used for medical applications. police later found the radioactive substance about 60 kilometers away. the thieves had removed the radioactive mater
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and two point five. dance month shouted the capital city on thursday morning and worsen throughout the afternoon at four pm local time the average hourly density of pm two point five weeks to ninety three micrograms per cubic meter. this exceeded the city's safety standard of eighty five micrograms of a nanny two hour period. still officials urged all kindergartens and schools in the city to suspend the outdoor activities. they also advise the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses to stay in killings while graham asks when going outside seoul began releasing observation data at five pm two point five in october amid growing concerns about the fine particulate matter of writing on weekends from china. it is the only local government in the country to release xd down. cause personal information and going across south korea and malaysia has become a serious problem in western and southern parts of the country especially near the border with china. chantal slums along gulf coast of oman floodplain their agents like him as developing their habitat and caused a sea change and bab
looting and vandalism are rampant. as most government troops and police have fled the city about four hundred and sixty thousand people are seeking refuge inside and outside the country. the un security council is taking steps to get the situation in the central african republic under control. it has authorized african and french troops be sent to the country to help restore security and order. the security council unanimously passed a resolution proposed by the chair country france the council has authorize the deployment of more african union or eu troops for one year. french troops will also be sent to assist them. the resolution says the security council will consider giving the eu forces un peacekeeper status. if the situation in the country doesn't improve within three months. the eu plans to deploy more than thirty five hundred troops in the country french president francois alliance says the situation is becoming serious too. we decided to actively be due to the urgency of the situation starting tonight to go talk this over with the african union france is sending six hundred
people have been killed. the collision occurred at a crossing in the city. the truck was carrying 24,000 liters of gasoline. it exploded in flames. the railway operator says at least four people have been killed and about 90 others injured. a local tv station quoted witnesses as saying the crossing gate was not lowered on one side of the tracks. >>> hundreds of riders have set fire to police vehicles in singapore after a bus hit and killed a bangladeshi worker. 18 people, including police, were injured. mainly foreign workers rioted on sunday night. the district is populated by indian and bangladeshi workers. police and security forces were deployed to contain the riot. 27 people were reportedly arrested. observers say an increasing number of foreign workers are unhappy about how they are being treated by their employers. last year bus drivers from china staged a massive strike. rioting is rare in singapore. >>> people in the central philippines are piecing together their lives. one month ago, an unprecedented storm wiped out parts of their homeland. ty typhoon haiyan killed nearly 6
fired tear gas and rubber bullets, but on wednesday, the city looks like a different face. demonstrators are cleaning the streets. the change in atmosphere is due to the king's birthday tomorrow, he celebrates his 86th birthday. >> translator: this is a time for cleaning up before paying respects to our king. >> government officials and protest leaders took a break from hostilities on tuesday ahead of the king's birthday in an about face, security authorities allowed demonstrators to enter the compound of the prime minister's office. the move diffused some of the tension by allowing protesters to gather in the center of power. they later left the compound shouting that they'd won. the royal thai family is one of the most enduring monarchs in southeast asia. the king has no political power but is greatly admired. prime minister yingluck has avoided further bloodshed in the days leading up to the king's birthday. on tuesday she made a televised speech to call for unity, but protesters have not called for an end to the influence of her older brother and prime minister thaksin shinawatra. he
troops and police have fled the city. about 460,000 people are seeking refuge inside and outside the country. >>> the u.n. security council is taking steps to get the situation under control. it has authorized african and french troops are sent to the country to help restore security and public order. the security council unanimously passed a resolution proposed by the chair country france. the council has authorized the deployment of african union or a.u. troops for one year to restore security. french troops will also be sent to assist them. the resolution says the security council will consider giving the forces the status of u.n. peacekeepers if the situation in the country doesn't improve within three months. the au plans to display more than 3,500 troops in the country, france will dismatch more than 1,000. >>> japan may have to continue to rely on nuclear energies that a cheap option to keep the economic engine running. ron madison is here with more. >> japanese government officials drafted a basic energy policy. it says the country will maintain nuclear power generation a
for a nationwide strike on monday to bring government activities to a halt. i ching the mailman to newark city has encountered four passengers and injured sixty three others. it happened near a station in the bronx just after seven am local time on sunday the last day at the thanksgiving holiday it's believed the match illinois the train was carrying about one hundred and fifty passengers at the time he was on its way from the outskirts of new york bound for manhattan police say at least four of the eight cars left the track with some of them coming to rest on their sides that can happen your sharp curves that the cons still remains under investigation. well why did he actually didn't really know i can appreciate is the deep down i knew something had been near the river as the plane fell small plane because this is the wife all the airplanes to practise and there's a lot of off the airplane traffic cops in lehi on the hudson bus that was either plain or there was a big outside of the blood that ran really well when i showed up emergency crews were on scene they were pulling out of people helping p
. weather officials in shanghai are asking residents to stay indoors air pollution in the chinese city has hit a record high on sunday. the density of tiny airborne particles known as pm two point five reached its highest level since. city officials started publishing the day in june of last year he was two hundred twenty micrograms per cubic meter the safety level in japan is seventy. the air remain heavily polluted on monday the twenty four hour average for pm two point five reached two hundred and fifty nine micrograms per cubic meter shanghai authorities are asking citizens to stay indoors to avoid breathing that they are. kindergartens and schools have canceled all extracurricular activities air pollution in china worsens during the winter as people start using coal fired heaters. greenpeace says the government should do more to tackle fine airborne particles. particularly if it hopes to host the twenty twenty two winter olympics in beijing greenpeace as priests in their released the results of a study on pm two point five around the capital chinese authorities announced in september
are worried about the common law gives to the city. members of the country's honestly it's the idea that the metis nation for the now government officials to clarify information of the two are winning. the simi says. it undermines the public's right to know. also there to be a long prison terms will intimidate whistleblowers what would the both of them officials come to think this lot just by itself they need to create the children conditions operations you some guidelines. then we need to keep an eye on government officials so they don't undermine human rights is because he'll learn i was the bay has faults to set up the miles to oversee that the citizens of this doesn't make either the secrecy law and he says experts would draw up guidelines for what would constitute classified information. critics say how they laughing till my stomach i raked across the bell and the make us content. it takes some details. farley it's ghetto. engineers at japan's cripple green tea and trying to teach and not to snag a few scattered radiation outside a building on the fish might die to sigh and say
the prime minister's office in the final showdown the city government is influenced by a nice brother the former prime ministers thompson channel on the lead of the largest opposition party the pc to return to one said more than one hundred and fifty parliament members from his party will resign in nashua support for the print ads. it's been in almost a month now. and we've been waiting on the government to show its responsibility. sent out to the people. so that the country condemned stock of france. i may seem like said on sunday that she's ready to call the elections the ep. i knew when to dissolve the house to resign in the face a serious condition that can stop all the coughing you know. a non candidate protesters joined major political party don't accept the results of the errant and it would only prolong the conflict. south korea has officially announced expansion of its air defense identification sound to me john boundaries will partially open laughed and said japan and china south korea's defense ministry said on sunday that the expansion will go into effect on the standard f
and the truck were found abandoned outside mexico city on wednesday. two armed men stole the vehicle on monday, not far from where the cargo was found. officials say the radioactive material had been removed from its protective container. authorities sealed off a 500 meter perimeter and sent a team in to recover it. cobalt 60 is used in cancer treatments and other medical applications. the international atomic energy agency has been urging countries to take steps to prevent the material from falling into the wrong hands. >>> japan's latest stimulus plan has been approved. it's supposed to further boost the economy. ron madison has the details on that. >> that is the hope, of course. there has been a bit of concern about whether the economy could actually shoulder the weight of the planned contac hikes. they're hoping to count ernie negative effects the higher tax may bring. it works out to just about $54 billion. cabinet ministers are hoping the measure will help the economy keep expanding and want to support low income earners who might be affected by the tax hike. nearly $14 billion will go
in unlikely places. you can haiku aficionado in this part of the city. this is the belgian national prison. >> translator: okay. please write your poem on this postcard. if you drop it in the mailbox, it will be sent to matsuyama. >> reporter: volunteers arrange weekly sessions where the prisoners write haiku and share them with their fellow inmates. >> translator: you are so far away. i broke the rules of the world. now i ponder my fate. >> reporter: thanks to this haiku mailbox, many poems make their way from belgium to matsuyama. the best of them are published in a specialist magazine founded over 40 years ago. this woman helps select the poems for the magazine. she says the spirit of haiku can be shared no matter what language they're written in. >> translator: haiku are a wonderful medium for communication. they are a great way to express yourself. and to share part of yourself with others. >> reporter: from japan, haiku are spreading around the world. they are the shortest form of poetry, but the links they forge are global. takashi ichinose, nhk world. >>> it's been a pleasant past
finally arrived most people have nothing. the six of the city shoes to the carpenters farmers and fisherman. but the one month after the typhoon honey i washed out everything they had the now found themselves bringing the cash for work program. the guy that has a temporary home. she's been hired and either get a solution she used to read for hours and xp about two and half dollars. the small house in a shop in downtown appleton. the day before the typhoon or hospital the tobacco to children. he said he would do after the shop. she retained for use later to find nothing else but the foundations the time. this is all that's left. my husband was away. i believe was the money i don't not know yet how much money build a shelter on the outskirts of phnom penh the ritchie family. she sweetly two daughters and son who cried for their fault and. i need to get a proper job away from my church to go to school. that's all i want to see the majority of people here are christians like going home. many see that this year. they don't have the means to celebrate christmas. here we are taking o
up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went inside the focal she met dani to class to take a closer look as teams continue the dangerous and complicated job of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. this is the heart of japan. you people see anymore. we approach these are the guides by bus accompanied by total electorate top company officials. now we approach into the checkpoint said by me smile. this is about the potty km from which the guide to new clip poplar and be on here. access is severely restricted. there were visitors from central center of his website. if phoenix to port eighty one wants to get closer to the dummy reactors is to put on for second key. waters removing spent fuel rods from a pool to be out of the field this unit suffered a meltdown. r
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)